What's happening now?

Tetbury Goods Shed Appeal Back on track! The Goods Shed lies at the heart of the former Tetbury Rail lands where local fund raising efforts have turned what was the rail track bed into a linear town to country park, the marshalling yard into a long term car park and the neighbouring cattle and sheep market into a Village Green.

With renewed commitment and investment, the Town Council, with the help of the Rail Lands Trust, is bringing the Goods Shed back into community use and plans to create a multipurpose space for the people of Tetbury and their visitors.

Tetbury Town Council is committed to raising £350,000 and has challenged the Rail Lands Trust to raise £150,000 itself by the summer of 2014.

Can you help by pledging to hold one of the following mini events with your neighbours and friends?

  • a tea and cup cake caper 
  • a ladies who latte party 
  • a sausage sizzle 
  • a giddy garden party
  • a souped up soup sharing
  • a devilishly hot dinner
  • a safari supper
  • a perfect pizza party
  • a cherished clothes exchange
  • a made by men meal
  • ...or your own idea!

If you like to get involved, contact us and let us know who you are and when you might be able to do it!

Please also let us know if you'd like help with organisation and/or a speaker to explain the project to your guests.

This project is managed jointly by Tetbury Town Council and the Rail Lands Trust and all funds go to restoration of the Goods Shed.