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Phase 1 completed

With the construction of the glass foyer, the Phase 1 building is now complete. The retractable seating has been installed and the brass plates fitted and engraved with the dedications requested by all the generous individuals, clubs and companies who helped pay for this magnificent addition to the Goods Shed.

TRLRT chairman Will Cook has fitted the frames for the secondary glazing and the glass should be installed by the contractor very soon. This will be followed by fitting of the main side window blinds while Barrie and Mary Doyle are making the blackout/acoustic curtaining for the north and south windows.

Then fitting out kitchen will be the only remaining major project. There are, however, still many other items that the Goods Shed needs, including a temporary café structure, sound and lighting equipment, tables and, of course, cinema equipment, so please continue to support us in our fundraising.

Seats go in on schedule

Fitters are on schedule to complete the installation of the tiered seats in the Shed by this Friday (24 March).

Designed and built by Audience Systems of Westbury, Wiltshire, the system can seat over 180 people. When not in use, it retracts, on powered rollers, to the south wall of the building.

It is due to be used for the first time on 3 April when Tetbury Community Choir perform their spring concert in the Shed in aid of the arts centre funding appeal.

Each seat will bear a plaque carrying a name nominated by its sponsor - over 150 local people and organisations helped fund the system by donating £250 per seat. Further funding came from several charitable trusts.

New website for Arts Centre

With the doors about to open on the Goods Shed Arts Centre's first full season, the time has come for the Shed to get a website of its own.


is the place for everything that's, well, Shed and Arts.

When you want to look up event listings, buy tickets online or enquire about booking the shed for your own show or private party, is the place to go.

Having charted the course of the project for several years already, this site will continue to report on the work of the Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust, including the long-term aim of opening a walk-ride-cycle trail to Kemble along the old railway line, and continuing to enhance the Shed and surrounding public open space.

Build progress report

(Photo - Then and now. The completed hall, with a glimpse of its condition in 2014)

WORK ON THE MAIN HALL is now complete. The stripped wood roof trusses and oiled, natural wood finish of the main doors are complemented by an attractive oak plank floor, beneath which  efficient underfloor heating gives the room a cosy warmth. 

The large glass windows and surrounding white walls flood the hall with bright light. In one corner a short staircase with glass sides gives access to the main office and then on to the “green room”. 

The annexe still awaits final fitting out and the steel-framed foyer still awaits its glass but one can already appreciate the wonderful building that will be TGS. Completion is expected in late January with final handover from the builder in mid-February.