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Fashion calendar shoot at Tetbury Goods Shed

Colin Peacock photographing model Ellie Hoare in outfit loaned by Quetty Bang Bang

Photograper Colin Peacock at work in the Goods Shed on Saturday. 

Internationally-known photographer Colin was shooting the first images for a fundraising fashion calendar which will go on sale in aid of the project later this year. 

Inspiration for the calendar came from a series of photographs taken by Norman Parkinson for Vogue magazine in 1943. Hence the look adopted by our model, Ellie Hoare, in clothes provided by Tetbury vintage fashion boutique Quetty Bang Bang .

From the shots previewed on Colin’s Mac during the shoot, the results look fantastic. We’ll post a sample here in the next few days. In the meantime we’d love to hear from any shops or individuals who would like to get involved. Email

CDC gives green light to Goods Shed plans

Cotswold's planners today approved the latest planning drawings for the exterior of the Shed. This means we can go forward to detailed contractors' specifications ready for work to start.

The key changes in the latest plan are the addition of a glass foyer in front of the main sliding doors, under the restored canopy. We were also required to add a fire escape to the rear of the building for the safety of visitors on the raised mezzanine.  

Above: rendering of the latest plan for the Arts Centre. 

Below: the planning drawings (click to download a PDF copy).