The even bigger picture

Above: The long-term vision for the Shed and surrounding parkland (click on image for bigger view)

Bringing the Shed back to life as a centre for art, entertainment, functions and social events is a centrepiece of the Trust's vision but it is by no means all of it.

When the current work on the Goods Shed is complete, TRLRT will continue to improve and enhance the former rail lands: 

We're fully behind the aspiration of a bridle path running all the way from Tetbury to Kemble along the old railway path. The path and right of way to the Trouble House should be in place by autumn 2016, with bike racks next to the Goods Shed.

In order for the Arts Centre to run arts and craft courses, it needs additional space and it is hoped that this will be in a railway carriage installed behind the Goods Shed.

To make the children of Tetbury aware of the arts at a young age it is planned to have a toddlers’ play park in the parklands.

And finally, wouldn’t it be grand to have a miniature railway running the length of the park!


Goods Shed Arts Centre to Open in 2016

Great news! The funding shortfall on the Goods Shed Arts project has been bridged.

It means that refurbishment and conversion work will start early in the New Year. 

All being well, Tetbury's brand new community Arts Centre will be open for business in summer 2016.

Tetbury Town Councillors voted unanimously on 16 November to bring the project's funding up to the £530,000 needed in order to appoint a contractor.

"It's fantastic news," said Will Cook, chairman of Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust, after the meeting. "Thanks to the council's decision, the next phase of the project can now begin."

The total includes £136,000 in grants secured by Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust group since 2013; £111,000 in Section 106 monies1; and £250,000 contributed by the town council, which owns the building. 

The Trust will continue to raise funds through events and grant applications so that the new centre will have the best possible facilities and equipment. 

When the building and fit-out is done, the rejuvenated GWR goods shed will offer local people, community groups and visiting artists a multi-purpose space for music, drama, events, functions and exhibitions.

The plans incorporate a state-of-the-art digital cinema system with full surround sound, able to present live streaming of plays, ballet and opera as well as near-to-release-date movies. 

Raked seating is part of the plan - the 185 seats retracting fully against the end wall when not in use.

Expect to see construction work starting in January or February!

1 Section 106 payments are made by developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure

CDC gives green light to Goods Shed plans

Cotswold's planners today approved the latest planning drawings for the exterior of the Shed. This means we can go forward to detailed contractors' specifications ready for work to start.

The key changes in the latest plan are the addition of a glass foyer in front of the main sliding doors, under the restored canopy. We were also required to add a fire escape to the rear of the building for the safety of visitors on the raised mezzanine.  

Above: rendering of the latest plan for the Arts Centre. 

Below: the planning drawings (click to download a PDF copy).